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5 Reasons Why the Scrunchie is the Superior Hair Tie

5 Reasons Why the Scrunchie is the Superior Hair Tie

Some may call me biased, but I wouldn't have spent day and night sewing away to make sure I had a scrunchie to match every single outfit in my closet if I couldn't argue with absolute certainty that scrunchies really are superior to all other hair ties.

Now before you roll your eyes and call me insane (you wouldn't be the first), take a minute to hear me out and let me convince you all the reasons why I am happy to admit that I have a scrunchie addiction.


5 reasons why the scrunchie is CLEARLY the superior hair tie

1. You can take your hair out kink free

I am sure that every person out there who has ever tied up their hair will know the struggles. It's that moment when you take out your pony tail, only to be greeted with a not so welcome kink in your hair that makes it look like you have gone into battle with the hair straightener.

When you use a scrunchie the fabric allows for your hair to move with the scrunchie and not get tied down (pun intended) in one place, saving us all from the dreaded hair kink!


2. Reduce the amount of hair breakage

I feel like I am already losing more than enough hair as it is. I find it on my pillow, in the shower, in the car and on my boyfriend WAY more than what one would consider an average amount of hair loss. Who needs more hair loss (breakage being even worse, as this then leads to split ends) all as a result of the lack of knowledge that has lead you to use an inferior hair tie.

Normal hair ties are tight around your hair, the elastic is rough and they do not slide smoothly off your hair. Together these factors create the ideal scenario for hair breakage, especially if you are one to sleep with your hair tied up. The rolling around throughout the night will pull on your hair and cause more breakage than you would ever believe.

Do not fear, the scrunchie is here! Scrunchies, especially those of smoother material such as satin or velvet will slide smoothly off your hair, they move with your hair as you roll around during the night and the extra layer protecting you from the rough elastic will have your hair growing longer in no time.


3. Not as tight = Less headaches

If you need to have your hair up all day then you know the feels. Whether it is for school, work or you just want to have your hair off your face, by the end of a long day who needs the headache! That is exactly what regular hair ties do. They pull on the roots and cause unnecessary strain on your head.

The fabric from the scrunchies will bend and flow with your hair. They will hold your hair in place, however feel looser and allow you to go about your day pain free!


4. No more lost hair ties

Scrunchies are always there for you when you need them. No longer will you need to search through the bottom of your drawers, handbag or car looking for that small colourless hair elastic that you swear you bought 10 of last week.

Scrunchies are comfortable to wear around your wrist so you won't even need to throw them in your bag. Along with their bright patterns and vibrant designs this means you can always find your beloved scrunchies when you need them.


5. A fashion icon

Hair care aside, scrunchies are a fashion accessory of their own accord. They are the best when it come to colour coordinating. They are the perfect size to offer that small extra pop of colour to match any outfit. Feeling like your ensemble is looking too basic with just a black top and white jeans? Add a white scrunchie -now you have an outfit! Looking for that final addition to go with your little black dress? - who needs jewellery? Wear a scrunchie around your wrist and you are good to go.

Well I am sure I have now convinced you that the scrunchie is the most amazing hair tie/ genius (Brooklyn 99 reference anyone?) and if not then I'm really not sure why on earth you read through this whole blog post. I thank you for your time nonetheless. 

Now I give you full permission to commence your scrunchie addiction. Please proceed here for all your scrunchie needs.

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  • Wayne : February 24, 2020

    Bought scrunchies for my basketball team, did the job with the hair and everyone looked so nice all wearing the scrunchies as part of a team. Plus the girls loved them.

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